The surroundings

The Priorat

The Priorat region is a poem of steep slopes and ravines with a surface of shadows and lights that speaks of the determination of its inhabitants.

It’s a language of peaks and festoons, of abrupt edges and rocks that express the difficulties the vineyards must overcome to offer their treasure.

These harsh, practically wild, conditions, with a temperate climate and little rainfall, are those that give us the privilege of one of the best grape musts in the world.

The Priorat makes the relationship between human beings and the earth a delicate balance between the effort of arduous cultivation and the enjoyment of unique results.


Celler Vall Llach is based in Porrera. It strives to express the region’s local wine production, which is deeply rooted in this area. True to this desire, the winery works to make each bottle of wine a taste of the wonderful possibilities the Priorat has to offer, along with the specific features contributed by Porrera’s steep slopes and soil.

Celler Vall Llach is fully committed to the village it has made its home and its wines are the best way known to express this commitment.

That’s the main reason why Vall Llach is located in the middle of the village, at La Final and in Cal Baldrich.

La Final

This building is located in the village’s most iconic square. It’s Porrera’s oldest and largest privately-owned building and has always been dedicated to winemaking.

La Final has all the structures, materials and machinery required for receiving and making wines.

Cal Baldrich

It’s the winery proper.

An old and stately, completely remodelled mansion. Its history has been respected and placed at the service of an unbeatable environmental, aesthetic and climatic balance to provide the casks of wine with rest and well-being.


When one strolls through our vineyards and your feet touch the veritable carpet of llicorella slate, you are completely bewitched by the stone’s charming, nearly shiny, blue-grey colour or by the palette of ochre tones where there are more iron deposits in the soil.

One soon realises that they are stepping on one of the Priorat’s most precious treasures and the secret to the quality of Priorat wines. The vine and its roots seek to penetrate the miniscule cracks in the llicorella rock and become entwined in a strange love-hate relationship of survival and destruction.

This spectacle is an open door to understanding the profound questions of the “whys and hows” of the exclusive personality of the must, which will later be harvested.

The team at Vall Llach proudly states that the winery’s best winemaker resides high in the mountains amongst the vineyards. They are not just being modest, and everyone at the winery, from the winery’s technical team to the village’s grape growers, make sure that the fruit of the relationship the vines have with the llicorella slate soil faithfully reach every bottle.

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