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The women’s project

Wines with women’s names

As part of the Clos l’Asentiu brand, Albert Costa, Celler Vall Llach’s co-owner and oenologist, has tinkered and experimented with wine that pays tribute to the women of Porrera.

He does so with three wines that bear the names of three of the women who, like others, worked hard in the vineyards when they were young: Matilde, Catalina and Joaquina.

The Women’s Project is also a social project Clos l’Asentiu uses to collaborate in financing leisure time activities for the village’s senior citizens, by donating €2 for every bottle sold of any of the three wines.

The Winery’s oil

Our extra virgin olive oil

Olives are also part of the Priorat landscape. This olive oil is made with the best olives from our oldest estate, Mas de La Rosa.

A great, high-quality oil that must be tasted with a hearty slice of bread.

It’s a privilege for any palate!!

Terra i cultura contest

Poetry and music

The purpose of this award, created in 2008 by the Celler Vall Llach and the Fundació Miquel Martí i Pol, is to award and promote the best songs recorded of original musical pieces based on poetry written in the Catalan language.

The award is presented each year to the best song composed using Catalan language poetry as lyrics.

RULES for participating in the Contest 

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Wine Cosmetics

Wine + Cosmetics. The Priorat’s strength and energy for healthy skin.

Albert, an oenologist and owner of the Vall Llach winery in Porrera, and Ernest, his twin brother, pharmacist and owner of Costa Miralbell Pharmacy in Barcelona, decided to join forces and enthusiasm to create the winecosmetics brand, Clòs d’Alè, from the Priorat region.

The goal is to make the most of the waste generated during the winemaking process to produce antioxidant cosmetics from the polyphenols from wine.

We’re enthusiastic and passionate about Clos d’Alè, a project that unites wine and cosmetics.

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